Alternative ways to recycle
National Recycling Options Recycle with Local Businesses

If none of these alternatives are available to you please PUT IN GARBAGE.

Local Recycling Information

Redwood Materials
2800 Lockhead Way, Carson City| [email protected]
Email for details and/or restrictions. Drop off your old rechargeable batteries and devices at one of our 90 permanent drop-off locations. Find a location near you here.



Remove Batteries

Batteries need to be removed before the watch is discarded. Improperly disposing of batteries can leach lead and acid into the environment. If you can’t remove the batteries, the watch cannot be put in the garbage. Find out how to dispose of batteries.


Smartwatches Are E-Waste

Smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch, should be recycled as e-waste because they contain electronic parts. Find out how to recycle e-waste. 

Alternative Ways to Recycle

money small bills

Sell to USA Watch Repair

USA Watch Repair purchases old watches to disassemble and obtain parts for restoration projects. They also sell these purchases to watch dealers. Find out more.