Alternative ways to recycle
Recycle with Local Businesses

If none of these alternatives are available to you please TAKE TO LANDFILL.

Local Recycling Information

Please call ahead for up to date pricing and hours of operation.
Donate useable furniture at one of the following locations:

Reno Sparks Gospel Mission
2115 Timber Way, Reno | (775) 323-7999
Call for details and/or restrictions.

Habitat for Humanity
530 Greenbrae Dr, Sparks | (775) 323-5511
COVID NOTICE: Receiving high volumes of donations at this time – please call ahead for details, restrictions, and if they can take your donations that day. Ask about limitations on furniture (no cloth upholstery accepted).

Salvation Army
Donation Locations | (775) 688-4555
Call for details and/or restrictions; if you have larger items, ask about their pick up option.

SPCA Thrift Store
75 E Moana Ln, Reno | (775) 324-7776
Please call for details and/or restrictions. SPCA WILL accept furniture smaller than 4’x4’x4′ that is in good condition. SPCA will not accept anything larger than 4’x4’x4′ or that is in bad condition.

Classy Seconds
3590 Gordon St. Carson City | (775)841-7081
Call for details and/or restrictions 

5000 Smithridge Dr, Reno |(775)853-7606
Please call for details and/or restrictions. 

Goodwill Outlet 
2424 Oddie Blvd, Reno | (775) 358-6444
Please call for details and/or restrictions.

Ridge House Thrift Store
900 West 1st St, Reno |  (775)322-8941 Ext. 115
Please call for details and/or restrictions. Will accept beds- not King sized- and dressers. 

Holy Cow Thrift and Beyond
1312 S. Wells Ave. Reno | (775) 997-1129
Please call for details and/or restrictions. 
They will only accept smaller furniture items.

201 Keystone Ave, Reno | (775) 284-8841
Please call for details and/or restrictions. Accepts vintage items.

St. Vincent’s Super Thrift
500 E. 4th. St. Reno | (775) 322-9824
Please call  for details and/or restrictions. 

I Got You Reno
In good condition 
Accepts donations from businesses and residences; to arrange a pickup, either email [email protected] or through their donate tab on the website.

Disassembly Not Required

Most furniture does not need to be disassembled before it’s dropped off. Secure drawers, doors and glass by taping them down. Then you can transport the furniture to the landfill.

Alternative Ways to Recycle

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IKEA Buy Back Program

Resell your IKEA furniture for store credit through their Buy Back & Resell program. This program is available to IKEA Family Members and can help give your used furniture a new home and/or use.

Ways to Reduce

Sell or Give Away Unwanted Furniture

It’s easy to sell or give away unwanted furniture. Even if your furniture is in rough shape, it’s likely someone could use it or would be willing to fix it up themselves.

Ways to Reuse


Add a New Coat of Paint

If a piece of furniture looks worn out, consider giving it a makeover, such as reupholstering. Even adding a fresh coat of paint can brighten up any old furniture piece.

Buy Secondhand Furniture

Consider saving a few dollars by purchasing furniture secondhand, but always check to see if the piece of furniture is broken. Also check for mold on the wooden parts of the furniture.

Did You Know?

How Your Furniture May Be Harming California Condors

A recent study found that populations of the endangered California Condor have elevated levels of toxic contaminants like mercury and PBDEs, a flame retardant. PBDEs leech into the environment through close contact with or improper disposal of the items that contain them, such as stuffed and upholstered furniture. These chemicals have also been shown to have negative health effects on people.